Conservative Party of Canada | May 23, 2019

A society is judged by how it protects its most vulnerable. And there are few more vulnerable than young, defenseless children. Disturbingly, while progress has been made reducing crime in many areas, the sexual violation of children is on the rise.

Despite this fact, over the past four years the Liberals have not introduced any new legislation for child sexual offences.

Why Action is Needed

Sentences for horrific crimes involving children are woefully inadequate, often being as little as a few months for the most disturbing cases.

Currently, the length and extent of abuse are not taken into account when considering the appropriate sentence for the sexual abuse of a child.

Canada has seen a disturbing number of child molesters, child rapists and child pornographers released from pitifully short prison sentences even when they have been deemed at a high risk to reoffend.

Just this week, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals said they want to scrap mandatory minimum sentences all together, which could mean lighter sentences for criminals who harm children.

Andrew Scheer’s plan to protect Canadian children:

An Andrew Scheer led Conservative government will put the safety of children first and ensure that those who seek to harm them will face the full weight of Canada’s justice system.

We will ensure that victims’ voices are heard and that sentences for sexual crimes against children take into account the length and severity of the abuse by adding aggravating factors to the Criminal Code.

And we will end the practice of giving those who harm children a mere slap on the wrist, by ensuring that anyone who is convicted of a serious sexual offence against a child serves at least 5 years in prison.