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Conservative Party of Canada | July 19, 2018

Ottawa, ON- The Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, the Honourable Andrew Scheer, today sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau requesting an emergency session of parliament to ratify the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

“With the North American Free Trade Agreement in jeopardy, and a series of failures on other major trade files, Canada needs to diversify its export markets now. There is no time to wait,” said Scheer. “The Trudeau Liberals have left this important trade agreement stalled in the House of Commons, delaying its introduction and failing to take steps to advance it.”

Scheer said the Liberals need to demonstrate to Canadians a renewed commitment to expanding international trade after yesterday’s cabinet changes.

“Mr. Trudeau admitted his government’s failure on trade by replacing his trade minister and prioritizing export diversification. If he is serious about achieving that, he will call this session and ratify this agreement,” Scheer said.

With one-in-five Canadian jobs and 60% of Canada’s GDP dependent on trade, securing access to new markets is critical. The recent imposition of U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum exports has only underlined the importance of expanding Canada’s trade relationships with the rest of the world.

“Justin Trudeau has an obligation to protect the millions of well-paying, high-quality jobs that rely on free trade and to pursue greater and freer trade into the future. His government has mismanaged this file for three years but he now has an opportunity to get it right,” said Scheer.

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