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Conservative Party of Canada | September 28, 2018

Ottawa, ON: The Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and Leader of the Opposition, today announced that Conservatives will seek justice for Tori Stafford and take action to demand the government return Tori Stafford’s killer to prison.

Scheer announced that Conservatives will move a motion during next week’s Opposition Day to demand that the government condemn the decision to move Terri-Lynne McClintic to a healing lodge and exercise its moral, legal, and political authority to reverse this decision.

“The decision to move Tori’s killer from behind bars to a healing lodge with no fence and with children living inside is disgraceful,” said Scheer. “Canadians are outraged and parliamentarians as their elected representatives have the power to act. I urge all Canadians to contact their MP to demand they support this motion to get Tori’s killer back behind bars where she deserves.”

McClintic was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years for her role in Stafford’s 2009 rape and murder. Though she had been serving her sentence at a maximum-security prison, she was transferred to a healing lodge in December 2017.

“A vote against this motion is a vote to leave a child killer in a fenceless facility with other children,” Scheer said. “If you want to see Tori’s killer back behind bars, contact your MP and let them know.”

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Wording of the motion:

Whereas Terri-Lynne McClintic was convicted of first-degree murder in the horrific abduction, rape and murder of eight-year-old Tori Stafford and was moved from a secure facility to a healing lodge without fences and where the government has confirmed the presence of children, that the House condemn this decision and calls upon the Government to exercise its moral, legal and political authority to ensure this decision is reversed and cannot happen again for others.

In a hastily written memo from the Department of Justice, it is claimed that the government’s hands are tied. However, that is not true. The government has the moral, legal and political authority to act to correct this injustice. For example:

• Under Section 6(1) of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, the Minister has the authority to direct the Commissioner of Corrections in all matters. This would include issuing a directive that a broad class of offenders, such as those convicted of the murder of a child, are not eligible for transfer to a minimum security facility.

• Under section 96(z.6) of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, the Cabinet could pass regulations setting out the eligibility for minimum security facilities and healing lodges. This could include prohibiting those convicted of murder involving a child.