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Conservative Party National Council passes motion to lower membership fees

Conservative Party of Canada | April 23, 2016

OTTAWA - Today, during the Conservative Party of Canada's regular National Council meetings, a motion was presented and successfully adopted to lower the party membership fees.

When the National Council passed a modest increase to a one-year membership at its last meeting, it did so with the intention of encouraging longer-term sign ups to the party. While that goal was met, and the party saw a significant surge in longer-term members, all National Councilors pride themselves in listening to the feedback of grassroots Conservatives. As a result, the National Council has lowered the fee to $15 for a one-year membership.

To continue to encourage Canadians to sign up for longer-term memberships, the National Council also lowered the two, three and five-year memberships, as well as created a four-year membership option.

The breakdown for Conservative Party membership fees are now:

One Year - $15 Two Year - $25 Three Year - $35 Four Year - $45 Five Year - $50

Any member to date who signed up this calendar year to a one-year membership, will be given an additional year of membership at no extra cost.

Chosen by members of the Conservative Party of Canada, the National Council is a democratically elected body with a mandate to govern, manage, and control the activities of the party between conventions, acting in the interest of all members of the party.