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Conservative Party of Canada adopts new human resources policies after reviewing candidacy decision in 2015 Campaign

Conservative Party of Canada | May 3, 2019

The Conservative Party of Canada will be implementing new human resources policies following the completion of Ms. Carol Nielsen’s review of candidacy decisions made in the 2015 campaign.

The party has accepted, and will adopt, all of the new protocols recommended in Ms. Nielsen’s 47-page report. The party has appointed Mr. Hartley Lefton as Chief Compliance Officer to implement its recommendations.

The full report can be found here.

“It’s important our party has the proper protocols in place for all staff and candidates to feel safe in their work environment,” Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said. “I’m confident our campaign team now has the tools they need to ensure that and I look forward to Mr. Lefton leading the implementation of Ms. Nielsen’s strong recommendations.”

The recommendations from the report include:

• implementing a candidate complaint procedure and protocol;

• strengthening the existing vetting procedure and ensuring there’s clear, continuing obligation for candidates to disclose issues after being nominated;

• requiring more comprehensive police checks;

• implementing a code of conduct and harassment policy for candidates; and

• other additional training.

In total, the party will implement all six recommendations in the report.

“We thank Ms. Nielsen for her work in reviewing the decisions made during the 2015 campaign. With her recommendations, our team will have much greater clarity and a clearly defined process to be able to properly assist in decision making,” said Dustin van Vugt, Executive Director of the Conservative Party of Canada. “We also welcome Hartley to our team as he takes on the responsibility of ensuring a smooth implementation of these new human resources policies.”