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MP Genuis to table Omnibus "Recognition of People and Things" Bill

Conservative Party of Canada | April 1, 2019

April 1, 2019

Ottawa, ON – Member of Parliament, Garnett Genuis for Alberta riding of Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan and Deputy Deputy Critic for Foreign Affairs will table Omnibus "Recognition of People and Things" Bill.

Private Members Bills and Motions in the House of Commons often call on the government to recognize and create awareness days, week, and months for important people and things. For too long, we have taken a piecemeal approach to recognizing important people and things. Today, MP Genuis will table an omnibus "recognition of people and things" bill, replacing the piecemeal approach with a comprehensive approach and recognizing all people and things all at once.

"This bill would see the House recognize all people and things all at once, including people in the future who might do things worthy of recognition," Genuis said. "By my calculation, this will reduce the number of private members bills being put forward by at least half, saving time and resources which can now be devoted to obscure points of order and vote marathons."

Though an omnibus bill, this bill is only 1/500th the length of the last "not an omnibus" budget bill. It calls on the government to "recognize the important contributions of people and things in the past, present, and future" and to set aside April 1st every year as all-around awareness day.

Given that this summarizes so much work that has been done over the years, Genuis sees this bill as critical. "It certainly will make people aware of the important people and things around them," he said. "Generally when the House of Commons passes an awareness measure, it significantly impacts the level of actual awareness on the ground."


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