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Scheer Will Save 34 Jobs For Ottawa Workers With Disabilities

Conservative Party of Canada | May 9, 2019

May 9, 2019

Ottawa, ON - The Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and Leader of the Official Opposition, today announced he will reverse the Trudeau government’s decision to layoff 34 workers with disabilities in Ottawa.

The National Archives Program workers, who sort and recycle thousands of pounds of sensitive documents at Library and Archives Canada, will lose their jobs next year as a result of Trudeau’s decision.

The program is administered through the Ottawa-Carleton Association of Persons with Developmental Disabilities.

“This program provides people with disabilities with more than just a job. It provides a deep sense of pride and purpose. Cutting it is a costly and heartless decision,” Scheer said. “As Prime Minister, I will renew the program for five more years and give the agency the option to renew.”

Scheer visited the workers today along Conservative Shadow Minister of Finance Pierre Poilievre who intervened to save the jobs four years ago when Library and Archives Canada tried to end the program.

Conservatives estimate the program will cost around $500,000 annually - less than 5% of the $12 million Justin Trudeau handed to the multi-billion-dollar company Loblaw’s to purchase new refrigerators.

“This is another example of Canadians paying for Justin Trudeau’s mistakes and poor judgment,” Scheer said. “He would rather help billionaires buy things they should buy themselves than keep these hard-working Canadians employed.”


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