Canada’s Conservatives React to Liberals’ Intellectual Property Strategy

Conservative Party of Canada | April 27, 2018

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Today, Matt Jeneroux, Conservative Shadow Minister for Science, issued the following statement in response to the Liberal government’s intellectual property (IP) strategy:

“Canada’s Conservatives recognize that a robust intellectual property regime is critical for Canadians to not only make a living off of their research and most creative ideas, but also to bring those innovations to market and improve lives in Canada and around the world.

“However, it is concerning that the Liberals plan to set up and manage a patent collective, as this is an immensely technical process not commonly managed by governments. The federal government generally does not retain intellectual property resulting from procurement and research funding making it unclear what IP the government has to offer to users. The Liberals have also failed to outline how the government would go about acquiring further IP that would be useful to our innovation sector.

“Canadians have repeatedly witnessed that this government has neither the agility nor the technological knowhow to effectively manage something as complex as a patent collective. The Liberals’ rushed to rollout the Phoenix Pay System, negatively impacting hundreds of thousands of employees, and two years later they still haven’t been able to fix this fiasco.

“The Prime Minister Trudeau is failing Canadian entrepreneurs and innovators by handing out billions of dollars to five “superclusters,” while raising taxes and increasing red tape on local businesses. The proposed patent collective is the latest addition to this government’s heavy-handed, top-down approach to Canadian innovation that essentially amounts to picking winners and losers.

“Canada’s Conservatives understand that ensuring inventors and researchers can translate their creations to market is the key to a strong innovation sector. We will continue to fight for a low-tax, streamlined regulatory business environment that will not only retain Canadian innovators, but also attract innovators from abroad.”


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