Conservative Shadow Minister Karen Vecchio Reacts to Anti-Poverty Announcement

Conservative Party of Canada | August 21, 2018

St. Thomas, ON – Conservative Shadow Minister for Families, Children and Social Development, Karen Vecchio, issued a statement following the announcement of the Liberal’s Anti-Poverty Strategy:

“Conservatives support setting realistic targets in order to reduce poverty. We understand that in order to set these targets, we must find a tangible way to measure how Canadians are doing. The Market-Basket is a good measure, but it’s important that whatever official poverty line the Liberals decide to use considers how much the government already taxes away Canadians’ hard-earned dollars.

“However, it’s a shame that the strategy announced today was nothing more than an election campaign announcement that focused mainly on coordinating funding already allocated and the creation of a National Advisory Council on Poverty. Canadians need concrete action on poverty reduction, not another government body that the Liberals can use to politicize for their own purposes.

“The Liberals claim that their plan will lift all Canadians out of poverty, but they failed to mention measures to help Canadians with disabilities. Currently, many Canadians with disabilities lose $1.15 for every new dollar they earn. The Conservative Private Members’ Bill, The Opportunity Act would have guaranteed that people with disabilities are not penalized when they find a job. Unfortunately, the Liberals voted against this common-sense measure.

“Conservatives know that the best way to reduce poverty in Canada is to reduce taxes and regulation and build a competitive economy that creates lots of high-paying jobs for Canadians. Unfortunately, the Liberals have failed to do that and instead have made life less affordable for Canadians.

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