Justin Trudeau failing to focus on pressing issues: Fast

Conservative Party of Canada | August 20, 2018

Abbotsford, BC – The Honourable Ed Fast, Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change, issued the following statement ahead of the Liberal caucus retreat in Nanaimo, British Columbia:

“Justin Trudeau and his cabinet will meet this week and instead of focusing on the most pressing issues Canada faces, they will discuss how they can further manipulate election rules to benefit the Liberal Party of Canada in the next election.”

“NAFTA is in jeopardy. The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership is stalled. Several foreign trade missions have failed. Relations with our allies and major trading partners have never been worse. Thousands of newcomers are entering Canada illegally. Investment is fleeing the country. Major projects are stalled or cancelled. And more and more Canadians are having trouble making ends meet thanks to Liberal mismanagement and tax hikes.

“There is no shortage of critical issues the Liberals should tackle at their cabinet meeting this week. Instead, their priority is changing election laws so they have a better chance at being re-elected. Canadians have been waiting for action to deal with these issues. Unfortunately, the Liberals are more interested in helping themselves.”


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