Justin Trudeau failing to make ethical decisions: Doherty

Conservative Party of Canada | August 10, 2018

Ottawa, ON – Todd Doherty, Shadow Minister for Fisheries and Oceans, issued a statement following news that the Trudeau government has reversed a decision to award a lucrative surf clam contract to Five Nations Clam Company:

“For months now, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives have been demanding to know why Dominic Leblanc awarded a contract worth millions of dollars, to a company owned by the brother of Liberal MP Darrell Samson. To add insult to injury, it was also revealed that one of Minister Leblanc’s family members personally benefited from this decision.

“Now that Minister Leblanc is under federal investigation, it should come as no surprise that the Trudeau government quietly reversed the decision to award this lucrative surf clam contract in the dead of summer.

“Newfoundland’s seven Liberal MPs were completely silent when Conservatives were demanding answers on how this insider deal was arranged. They did nothing when their constituents needed them the most. They should be ashamed.”

“There is a clear pattern of Liberals abusing the public trust. Minister Leblanc is at least the fourth Minister to be placed under federal investigation over the past three years, including the Prime Minister himself.

“Unfortunately the real victims of this shady deal are the hardworking families in Grand Bank who lost jobs and income because the Minister wanted to help his Liberal friends.

“Justin Trudeau is failing to make ethical decisions that are in the best interest of Canadians. Canada’s Conservatives will continue to ensure that Justin Trudeau does not use the public purse to benefit Liberal insiders and their wealthy friends.”


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