Justin Trudeau fails to provide benefits and services for veterans: McColeman

Conservative Party of Canada | July 31, 2018

Ottawa, ON – Phil McColeman, Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs, issued a statement following the release of the 2018 Veterans Ombudsman report card:

“Today’s report card confirms that Justin Trudeau has failed to respond to recommendations made by the Veterans Ombudsman to provide our brave veterans with the benefits and services necessary to successfully transition into civilian life.

“The Trudeau government has repeatedly demonstrated that they neither adequately grasp the issues affecting veterans, nor intend to honour the promises they made to veterans during the 2015 election campaign.

“In fact, the Prime Minister promised to make it easier for veterans to access services, yet under his watch the number of veterans waiting for disability benefits has ballooned to more than 29,000 and disabled veterans are losing their case managers due to Liberal policy changes.

“This should come as no surprise, however, given that it was Justin Trudeau who told our brave heroes that they are asking more than Canada can give while subsequently spending $40 million dollars fighting those same veterans in court.

“Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives believe in providing the best possible benefits and services for veterans and their families, in recognition of their service to Canada. We will continue to hold Justin Trudeau for his failure to live up to his commitments.”


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