Justin Trudeau has failed to address threats to our democratic institutions: Richards

Conservative Party of Canada | April 30, 2018

Ottawa, ON – Blake Richards, Shadow Minister for Democratic Institutions, issued a statement following the tabling of Bill C- 76:

“Conservatives believe your vote matters. When individuals vote in the wrong riding, or vote twice, that undermines our democratic institutions. We would be naïve to assume that people would not take advantage of our electoral system, and undermine the value of someone else’s vote.

“Previously, Justin Trudeau tried to change Canada’s elections laws to benefit the Liberal Party of Canada, but Canadians stopped him. The Prime Minister has failed time and time again to be honest with Canadians and he cannot be trusted to amend voter identification rules in a way that does not benefit the Liberal Party. Canadians are required to identify themselves before buying alcohol and marijuana. The same should be true before they vote.

“It’s already proven that nearly 400,000 voter cards sent during the 2015 election were subject to error. Moreover, there are numerous allegations that millions of dollars in foreign funding was funneled into third party advocacy groups during the 2015 election. According to reports, the Tides Foundation donated $1.5 million to Canadian third parties in the election year alone.

“Conservatives want to know the status of any ongoing investigations and what has been done to solve the issue of foreign interference in the 2015 election. If the Trudeau government were truly committed to preventing foreign interference in Canadian elections, they should have dealt with this issue months ago."


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