Justin Trudeau making promises to international allies he can’t keep: Bezan

Conservative Party of Canada | July 12, 2018

Selkirk, MB – James Bezan, Shadow Minister for National Defence, issued a statement following Justin Trudeau’s failure to confirm whether Canada will meet NATO’s defence spending targets of 2%:

“Despite numerous promises, Justin Trudeau has failed to maintain our military capabilities and ensure the Canadian Armed Forces is fully funded. In fact, we know that the Liberals are shortchanging our military to the tune of $4 billion when compared to the Liberal defence policy, Strong, Secured, Engaged.

“The fact of the matter is that with his massive and sustained deficits, Justin Trudeau has spent the cupboards bare and left us unable to do our part on the world stage. The Prime Minister’s defence policy is a book of empty promises which the Liberal government has no intention of keeping, nor funding.

“Canadians should be concerned that the Prime Minister is making promises to our international allies that he cannot keep. If he was truly serious about meeting the 2% commitment, Justin Trudeau would not be missing his own defence spending targets by over $2 billion last year, in addition to letting $12 billion in funding lapse from years previous.

“By failing to maintain Canada’s military capabilities, Justin Trudeau is not meeting the needs of our Canadian Armed Forces. Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives will ensure that those who serve our country day in and day out are equipped with the necessary resources, while working towards meeting our NATO commitments.”


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