Justin Trudeau must bring justice to the victims of ISIS: Conservatives

Conservative Party of Canada | June 19, 2018

Ottawa, ON – The Honourable Michelle Rempel, Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, and Pierre Paul-Hus, Shadow Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, issued a statement calling on Justin Trudeau to bring justice to the victims of ISIS and refer the cases of Canadian ISIS terrorists to the International Criminal Court:

“Justin Trudeau’s government has proven itself either unwilling or unable to prosecute Canadian ISIS terrorists. Recently, one Canadian has gone as far as to admit to carrying out executions on behalf of ISIS to the New York Times. He is currently walking the streets of Canada as a free man.

“To date, the Liberals have placed more emphasis on providing support like poetry training for Canadian returned ISIS terrorists than swiftly working to bring them to justice. In fact, many measures introduced by the Liberals through bills C-59 and C-75 will potentially weaken punishments for these murders.

“The International Criminal Court has the power to prosecute citizens of parties to the Rome Statute. Canada is a party to this statute, and Justin Trudeau should be doing everything in his power to bring justice to the victims of ISIS. Conservatives call on the Prime Minister to refer any known Canadian ISIS terrorists to the International Criminal Court where they can finally be prosecuted for their abhorrent crimes.

“The international community failed to prevent genocide and sexual slavery from occurring against the Yazidi people. We cannot fail to bring them justice and closure for these unspeakable crimes. Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives will always stand up for the victims of ISIS, and we are calling on Justin Trudeau to do the same. If the Prime Minister will not prosecute returning ISIS fighters, Conservatives will.


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