Justin Trudeau must take responsibility for asylum seeker crisis: Rempel

Conservative Party of Canada | July 5, 2018

Calgary, AB – The Honourable Michelle Rempel, Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship issued the following statement in response to Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s announcement that the province will no longer accept responsibility for the federal government’s failure to manage the influx of illegal border crossers:

“Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for Justin Trudeau’s failure to safely and responsibly manage Canada’s borders. Premier Ford has taken steps to protect the interests of taxpayers and the integrity of our asylum system.

“Justin Trudeau should know that his words have real life consequences. The influx of illegal asylum seekers he caused with his rash #WelcomeToCanada tweet has seriously compromised Canada’s ability to accommodate.

“We pride ourselves on providing timely, compassionate care to asylum seekers who enter the country legally. However, it is not timely nor compassionate to give these individuals false hope when the majority of asylum claims before the Immigration and Refugee Board will eventually be rejected.

“From the beginning, Justin Trudeau has normalized band-aid approaches and placed responsibility for his mismanagement onto provinces and municipalities. It is not fair to allocate hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars, over time, to enable people to illegally cross our border when the Safe Third Country Agreement should be enforced across our entire border.

“It’s also both arrogant and inappropriate for Justin Trudeau to talk down to anybody about not understanding the intricacies of Canada’s immigration system. Instead of ducking accountability and lecturing other political leaders, Justin Trudeau should take responsibility for the mess he’s created.

“Premier Ford and Minister MacLeod have made it clear that Ontarians will no longer pay to support his failure along Canada’s border.”


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