Conservative Party of Canada | August 4, 2018

Ottawa, ON - Today, Andrew Scheer, the Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Leader of the Official Opposition, released the following statement:

“Canada’s ongoing trade negotiations with the United States are far too important for our economy to be leveraged for political gain.

“However, yesterday’s pathetic attack on Conservative MP Kelly McCauley shows that the Liberals have a deliberate strategy to use the current situation with the U.S. to suit their partisan purposes.

“Mr. McCauley travelled to Washington, DC to attend a conference that had absolutely nothing to do with trade negotiations between our two countries.

“Despite this, and despite ongoing updates from Mr. McCauley’s office to the government on the status of the trip, Trudeau dispatched a senior Liberal cabinet minister to carry out a desperately partisan and laughable attack. Mr. McCauley’s conference was about defence procurement, yet this senior Liberal cabinet minister bizarrely linked it with trade negotiations.

“We’ve now seen three separate examples of Trudeau’s Liberals launching flimsy attacks against Conservatives. This is clearly a cynical political strategy trying to capitalize on stalled negotiations. We should expect to see more of this the longer we go without a deal.

“But Canadians have had enough with the partisan games. When will Justin Trudeau and the Liberals stop playing these games and start focusing on getting a deal done for Canadians?”

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