Conservative Party of Canada | October 25, 2018

CALGARY, AB – The Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, released the following statement after the Energy Relaunch conference in Calgary:

“Canada’s resource industry holds so much potential: the potential to drive jobs and prosperity for millions of Canadians at home, of course, but also the potential to be an instrument of peace, freedom, and security around the world.

“Justin Trudeau has failed the energy sector and is squandering that potential. He has told Canadians more than once that he wants to phase out the oil and gas industry – and he means it. He’s taking an industry that is already suffocating in red tape and smothering it completely.

“That’s why I’ve announced my own plan - a plan that will undo the damage of Trudeau’s failures and install a better process to get major pipeline projects approved. This includes scrapping the carbon tax, repealing Bill C-69, ending the ban on tanker traffic on the northern coast of British Columbia and enacting legislation to make the approval process clearer and more certain.

“I am confident that our plan will give Canada the best chance to get these critical pipelines built and will again make Canada a place where these kinds of projects will succeed.

“Now is the time for Canadian energy. Now is precisely the time for what we can do.”


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