Conservative Party of Canada | October 5, 2018

Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and Leader of the Official Opposition, released the following statement on the Nadia Murad receiving the Nobel Peace Prize:

“Conservatives are extremely pleased to see Nadia Murad awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2018. Awarded alongside Dr. Denis Mukwege, Nadia is a courageous voice for the Yazidi people, and for women and girls.

“Herself a victim of war crimes at the hands of ISIS, Nadia was abducted and forced into slavery in 2014. After fleeing her brutal captors, she courageously shared her story and became a relentless advocate for the Yazidi women and girls still suffering in ISIS captivity. Named a UN Goodwill Ambassador at the age of 23, Nadia has travelled the world raising awareness of ISIS’ horrifying crimes, calling for justice and action to help Yazidis displaced and brutalized by the inhuman actions of this terrorist group.

“Nadia has brought her campaign to Canada several times, and Conservatives have been proud to stand with her in demanding action from the Canadian government. With her support, and that of the Yazidi community in Canada, Conservatives have succeeded in pressuring the government to recognize the Yazidi genocide and resettle some survivors in Canada. We have, and will continue to stand behind her to demand more action for her people.

“The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Nadia Murad is a well-deserved recognition of her personal bravery, the plight of the Yazidi people, and the need to do more to prevent sexual violence from being used as a tool of war. Today’s award is a reminder of the risks Nadia’s people continue to face, and our responsibility to offer them support.

“On behalf of Canada’s Conservatives, I offer my congratulations and best wishes to Nadia Murad for receiving the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize."

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