Trudeau government failing to be transparent ahead of International Organization for Migration vote: Rempel

Conservative Party of Canada | June 4, 2018

Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Michelle Rempel, Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, issued a statement regarding the upcoming election of the new Director General for the International Organization for Migration (IOM):

“In Budget 2018, the Trudeau government committed to providing an additional $1.4 million in funding to the IOM. Any time taxpayer dollars are spent, it is the job of parliamentarians to ensure that this money is going to be spent responsibly and in the interest of Canadians.

“The United States is the largest donor to the IOM, and international media has reported that they may pull their funding from the organization if their candidate is not selected. Canada relies on the IOM to provide Canadian Orientation Abroad and to facilitate the movement of refugees that Canada chooses to resettle. Without American funding, the IOM may lose the capacity to carry out these functions. It is clear that the Prime Minister has not budgeted for this potential scenario, or thought of a strategy to mitigate it.

“With the vote just a few weeks away, the United States has been quite vocal about their choice for the new Director General of the IOM. When the Minister of Immigration was asked how Canada will be voting, he responded by laughing, and mocking the Opposition for their line of inquiry. When asked about the criteria he will be using to pick the candidate, he had no answer. Canadians, and the international community, should be outraged by this lack of respect and transparency, especially given the Prime Minister’s purported support of refugees.

“Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives will continue to hold Justin Trudeau accountable and demand transparency ahead of this critical vote.”

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