Trudeau must come clean about Russian interference in 2015 Canadian election: Conservatives

Conservative Party of Canada | November 23, 2018


November 23, 2018

Ottawa, ON – Stephanie Kusie, Shadow Minister for Democratic Institutions, issued a statement following the Trudeau government’s refusal to answer questions about Russian interference in Canadian elections:

“Conservatives have repeatedly called for more transparency from the Trudeau government when it comes to Canada’s democratic process. It is now more important than ever for the Prime Minister to come clean about details of Russian interference in Canada’s 2015 election.

“Canadians have a right to know exactly how Russia interfered in the election, how extensive the interference was, and who the target was. Canada’s electoral system is integral to our democracy and must be protected from any foreign interference.

“It is critical for the Government of Canada to recognize the seriousness of safeguarding our democracy, but unfortunately the Trudeau Liberals voted against Conservative attempts to include robust measures against foreign influence and interference in Bill C-76.

“The Trudeau government rushed through Bill C-76, a partisan elections legislation that leaves Canada’s democratic process wide open to foreign interference, which evidence suggests helped Liberals defeat their opponents in several key ridings in the last election.

“Canadians are rightly concerned about any foreign interference or influence in our democracy, and Conservatives will continue to call on Justin Trudeau to come clean about the details of Russian interference in Canadian elections.”


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