Conservative Party of Canada | November 19, 2018

November 19, 2018


Ottawa, ON – The Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, and the Leader of the Official Opposition, the Hon. Andrew Scheer, made the following statement about services to bilingual Canadians:

“I have always supported and will always support official bilingualism. I believe it is a tremendous asset to our country and is something the federal government must actively cherish and protect. I took French immersion as a student in Ottawa and like millions of other Canadians I have benefitted greatly from this education. As the Prime Minister of a Conservative government, I would celebrate and uphold Canada’s bilingual heritage by making sure federal services to minority official language communities are protected.

“I also believe in provincial autonomy. Provincial governments must be allowed to make budget decisions on matters under their jurisdiction and as Prime Minister I would not interfere in those decisions.

“Unfortunately, over the past few days, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have played reckless and cynical political games with Canada’s official bilingualism. Rather than constructively engaging in a debate on how to best protect services, they are sitting on the sidelines and pitting Canadians against one another with cheap political rhetoric in an attempt to score partisan points.

“Canadians deserve better than this from their government. I am calling on Justin Trudeau to table within 30 days a plan outlining the actions his government will take, within its jurisdiction, to protect services to minority Francophone Canadians. The time for political games is over. It’s time for him to act.”


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